What We Do

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What We Do

In all our projects and programmes we approach strategically:


YOUPEDA approach will commence with identification of gatekeepers, community interactions/courtesy calls, formal community entry and using a community based participatory research approach, carry out a quick and dirty assessment of the communities. This formative evaluation will inform the finalization of the design as community cultural values will be built into the strategy, specific drivers of the epidemic will be addressed and community teams will be identified for their full involvement in the project. This assessment will also allow for identification of community resources which will be harvested for a more effective and efficient programming.

Design and Develop

Although YOUPEDA already has a strategy of implementation lessons learned from the formative research will be included into the final design of the project. This will ensure that the strategies are community oriented community sensitive, community acceptable and sustainable. The strategy will be piloted in a small community for further adaptation and modification. Once finalized, community based teams will be formed and trained to implement the project. YOUPEDA staffs will lead these teams to ensure quality is sustained and targets are reached. Also consumables, logistics and other basic requirements shall be procured at this point.


YOUPEDA and its team will implement an innovative community-based prevention services with Door-to-Door (D2D), Shop-to-Shop (S2S) and House-to-House (H2H),Market –to- Market (M2M)and Church-to- Mosque (C2M) counseling, testing and referrals. YOUPEDA will provide comprehensive prevention package including; (1) Behavioral (Behavioral Change Communication Messaging); and (2) Biomedical (HIV Counseling and Testing including family, couple and at risk HTC).


YOUPEDA works in all parts of Nigeria, presently working in FCT, Anambra, Imo and Abia.

YOUPEDA has primarily targeted and addressed the following in the past five years;

  • Critical HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) services,
  • Core demand Creation for HIV Services and integrated programs,
  • Gender equality and rights education,
  • Prevention Interventions
  • Policy and Advocacy (Advocacy Actions Targeted at Institutions: – local policy makers, community leaders, government agencies, IPs, CSOs, FBOs etc.),
  • Sexual and Reproductive health education
  • HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC)
  • Media/Awareness Creation & Sensitization Campaigns
  • Integrity in provision of service: YOUPEDA is dedicated and committed to providing service and programmes to achieve its vision
  • Respect for cultural diversity: no discrimination against ones religion, race, belief, and sexual orientation
  • Transparency & Accountability: high degree of openness and honesty in leadership and management activities and resources.
  • Promotion of human dignity: YOUPEDA treats all persons with due respect
  • Promotion of gender equity: YOUPEDA supports Justice, Equality, Social inclusion and Gender.
  • Participatory decision making
  • Dedication to the protection of YPLHIV interest: YOUPEDA ensure that rights of YPLHIV are not abused