What We Do

Our Mission:

Inspiring lives through peace and participation.

Our Vision:

Repositioning communities to take positive action that revives them..

Our Core Goal and Values:

To establish the true culture, attitude of peace for development with high profile of integrity, justice, determination, creativity, handwork and ethics; at the climax of our work is our full commitment to:

  • Value for human life
  • Respect for the dignity of life of individuals
  • Respect for diversity and differences, and promotion of equality
  • Full support for community and family values.
  • Equality for sex, race, colour, age, language, religion, political, birth, physical, mental disability, health status, sexual orientation, civil, political and social status.
  • Addressing social and economic problems and foster social justice.
  • Locally contribute to the United Nations social and economic youth related development strategic goals and objectives.

Our objectives:

  1. To promote and foster interfaith coordination, understanding between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria through dialogues and media discussions
  2. Create positive avenues for peaceful co- existence of diverse faiths, tribes, traditions through values orientation, seminars and trust building engagements
  3. Engage women and Youths to promote and strengthen interfaith understanding and cooperation amongst themselves
  4. Encourage intercultural tribal, religious exchange of programmes within the country, states through competitions, debates and publications.
  5. Respect one another’s faith, belief systems and do away with condemnation one another’s religious practices and behavior.
  6. Act as an agent of peace, change at all times to maintain peace, unity and mutual understanding in all parts of Nigeria.
  7. To develop and ensure a peaceful society of youths and children devoid of violence, civil unrest and such negative occurrences
  8. And reduce youthful crime and abuse of amphetamine type stimulate.
  9. To promote youth led programs in communities to bring about peace and reduce violence
  10. Mobilize youths to participate in and lead non-violent activities and build good relationships among youth from different communities, ethnic groups and castes.
  11. Promote participation of youth in community service projects, dialogues and decision-making forums.
  12. To create channels of communication and interaction thereby promoting multi-dialogue between Religions  in Nigeria so that the members of both faiths may have mutual understanding of each other's religious position, co-existence among all the people of Nigeria irrespective of their religious or ethnic affiliations.
  13. To promote and inculcate moral. Ethical, social and cultural values of the two faiths for the rebirth and rebuilding of a better society.
  14. To create an alliance and network with organizations of similar aims at home and internationally, for the furtherance of the objectives of the organization
  15. To conduct regular all inclusive discourse for African development and make situational analysis- reports to African governments, private sector, interested individuals, professional bodies and other related institutions for good policies, programmes and implementation.
  16. To encourage women to seek, participate and contribute to leadership development and growth in Africa.
  17. Engage in international exchange programmes in peace issues, education and capacity development, trainings and voluntary supports.
  18. To develop broad spectrum capacity and systems frame to handle any emerging issues in African development.
  19. Promotion of Nigerian language, values, bio-cultures as interfaith integrating strength.
  20. improvement of environmental protection, education of citizens, especially children and young people about the importance of saving and environmental protection, organizing activities on the rehabilitation of affected areas, as well as advocacy for changing habits regarding the use and preservation of natural resources and in terms of handling of waste materials;
  21. Increasing cultural level of society through the promotion of interfaith values, intercultural promotion of any form of education and culture, promote individuality, creativity, originality, and multiculturalism, the involvement of members of different faiths, as well as creating opportunities for creative and artistic expression promoting interfaith ideas and work to support the development of unity, understanding, and togetherness in Nigeria.
  22. Informing and improving local economic development through public awareness and connect public, private and civil sectors;
  23. Lead interfaith advocacy, information and advocacy goals against corruption;
  24. Promotion of tourism values, natural beauty, and cultural values, tourism events, culinary offerings and leisure activities for interfaith transformation.
  25. Cultivate and promote the historical, cultural and ethnological heritage of Nigerians and other ethnic communities in Nigeria (via different names they call things), as well as a long tradition of co-existence of the country.

Funding source:

Our main source of funding has been from World Faith (WF) central office, New York. Also the organization’s other sources do come from led individual donations, philanthropic gestures and gifts from public spirited individuals and organizations. United Network of Young Peace Builders (UNOY) has also supported YOUPEDA through YOUPEDA through advocacy and enterprenuaerhip through EVS. Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and YOUPEDA has partnered alongside in county and at global level in advocacy success and pursuit of youth, peace and security agenda projects in Nigeria.

Current Activities:

Women farm for Peace-2018/2019:

YOUPEDA is currently implementing and interfaith community project “women farm for peace”, a two year’s project with the support of World Faith Central. Women Farm for Peace or called WOSACOFEM”, is a designed and innovative initiative where women are using farming to build bridges in Ara, a local diverse and multi-ethnic community. Between different faiths in their communities, and also support their households thereby bringing peace among men through farm economics and growth. The women therefore have joint farms with all diverse identities where they all do joint activities, planting, weeding, cultivation and harvest in order to bring peace and harmonious bonds in their communities.

Strengthening Youths to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism 2017/2019.

Search for Common Ground Nigeria (SFCG), supported and provided funds for YOUPEDA run this project in schools and communities. A project centered on using young people in peace making in their communities has been ongoing. For peace to thrive, social media is a very good platform to tell ideas about peace where young people engage in Competition and people comments, there are write-ups that motivates peace building in the society. Best writer will be given an award & T-shirts will be given to peace club members in recognition of their significance in the communities. Activities will be carried out during peace meeting and peace completion could be rolled out, debate across school, as such programs will be aired in radio programmes. Also getting this young students discussing about peace and staging short play, drama presentations and other relevant interactions to be aired to have people in the communities understand what is going on in the community at large.

North eastern part of Nigeria (Borno/Yobe), South western part of Nigeria (Lagos/Oyo), North central parts of Nigeria (Plateau/FCT Abuja) and South eastern part of Nigeria (Enugu) where we propose to work, has a multi stakeholders and peace club structure on ground where they been promoting peace via activities but only a few of the peace clubs activities is been aired on radio for the benefit of larger community members.

Past activities:

During the General elections of 2007, YOUPEDA attended meetings and fora held by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), for a free and fair electoral campaigns. This meeting was purposely conducted by INEC and its stakeholders to address the national key issues that had to do with electoral violence before, during and after elections. Youths were in this meeting with other civil society stakeholders to find the way forward and make change. YOUPEDA then known as YASON spoke on behalf of other young people highlighted the several causes of youth violence and rascality during such period as follows: lack of parental upbringing, poverty, lack of education, peer pressure and social influences, government failure to provide an enabling environment for its citizens.

This period was also used by YOUPEDA to provide communities largely dominated by young people with fundamental electoral education, as part of community sensitization exercise held at various community squares in the state capitals of selected six geographical zones of the country by our zonal coordinators; this exercise was used to inform them on the benefits of peaceful elections and how they should also conduct themselves throughout the election period. At the grass root level it was ensured that for young people exercised their franchise. Another area that we worked in this communities was in the area of addressing young people’s voter apathy; this situation is the one of the major causes of the electoral violence, in this sense that young people said that are tired of the fake promises of the leaders who are not responsible to the well -being of those who had elected into office. This stand was observed to have made the youths to go into violence as means of income and survival.

Training sessions:

Young people have had the opportunity to be trained in different areas 4 essential humanitarian principles for those that volunteered.

Formation of Peace clubs:

from 2005 till date, YOUPEDA formed, revived and rebranded over 754 peace clubs across Abuja and other states of the federation.

Participation in local and international trainings and meetings

YOUPEDA’s staff and volunteers operates the platform of give and take formula, even as we train others, we have also received technical trainings from other partners in New York, Kenya, Netherlands, Brussels, South Africa in various areas including, Media advocacy, Lobbying, Grant writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Networking, partnership and institutional development management, research, Preventing/countering violence extremism.

Amman Declaration and UNSC 2250:

For three years and more, YOUPEDA alongside Search for Common Ground (SFCG), UNOY, UNFPA, UNDP, and about 15 foreign missions in New York advocated and lobbied of the adoption of UNSCR 2250.

Rapid IDP assessment and Medical Outreaches:

for the past three years, YOUPEDA, Traffina foundation and Pro- Health International has focused on surveying the situations at the various camps ( 5 camps) in Abuja an its surroundings to provide social, economic and medical support for the persons in the camps. Between 2014 and 2015, we had reached 9,689 internally displaced persons in Nasarawa and Abuja with medical needs, linking them to health facilities for those of the women that are pregnant.

Educational Support and Literacy Education for women and children: In 2013 to 2015, a camp in Durumi Abuja was identified, and YOUPEDA and Traffina Foundation partnered to provide the children with class room seats, uniforms, and voluntary teachers. 240 children who have lost out of classes since the insurgency were brought back to class to learn how to read and write and communicate very well.

Some of the Successes Achieved:

  • Increased awareness and skills to participate in peace education
  • Improved knowledge on the state of youth violence in our society.
  • Improved skill in advocacy and strategies conflict prevention.
  • Establishment and formation of non-violence/peace clubs in schools
  • Reached and trained 543 young people (both male and female) in
  • the North on identity base conflicts
  • Engagement of the government to provide security and fair leadership at the local
  • and state levels
  • Setting up class rooms for children for literacy basic education.

YOUPEDA has men of credible character as Trustee members, they include: Dr. Laz chijioke, Muza Andrew, Onybuchi M.J Ugoh, Emmanuel Chinonyerem; one of the trustee is late – a woman.

International Steering Committee:

Apart from the Trusteeship, YOUPEDA just came up with an idea of international steering committee which constitutes of experts in field of conflict, peace resolution, field humanitarian sector, education, security and other fields that advice the origination and meeting timely to strengthen it in achieving its goals and mission.

Geographical areas:

Our membership covers most states in the Northern Nigeria and South-West including FCT.

Program Management Team

The projects and activities of the organization funded by partners and donor agencies been managed, and supervised by the program management team of YOUPEDA. The team is made up of professionals, vibrant and creative individuals that bring change and re-design interfaith efforts that would bring new love in communities and places of crises.