Who We Are

About Us:

Youths for Peace Building& Development in Africa (YOUPEDA) was founded in 2008, as a non- profit organization and it’s legally registered under part C of Companies and Allied Matters Act,1990 of Federal Government of Nigeria with Cooperate Affairs Commission.

YOUPEDA receive grants and donations to fulfill our core mandate and foster innovative interfaith design of actions towards reducing harmful faith-based avoidable conflicts.


YOUPEDA is broad based, here are the areas we cover and perform differently and thematically:

YOUPEDA empowers communities- women, children, men and youths to actively engage in the wider community and to fully explore the potential of peace, interfaith, health, education, governance, education, environment and Democracy with locally driven options and solutions, with our support we help them towards tackling the challenges therein. Through our work, YOUPEDA encourage communities to think creatively, and in doing so support them in the realization of ideas to actions. Women, children, youth and men have positive energy and always have best dynamism and atmospheric spirit to make the difference. YOUPEDA talks practical and know what people and communities have done on their own by helping and introducing those little ideas, they make dreams come through, and realistically and positively influence lives and living much better with long lasting impact and sustainable outcomes.

At the heart of YOUPEDA are Women and young people, they form the core of the YOUPEDA existing ensoulment to improve the situation of peace and conflicts, interfaith crisis, Health of women and children, Educaation,Human rights, gender with creative and practical ideas that makes us innovative and unique developmental social issues. Our Peace/Human Relations, Health and women, Education and Research and Democracy and society (simply and commonly called PHED Design) revolves in the analysis of the above summaries.


  • Interfaith understanding and engagement
  • Intercultural education and dialogue
  • Peacetech
  • Arts and sports
  • Youth and Security
  • Peace education
  • Conflict prevention
  • Preventing and countering violence extremism


  • HIV and AIDS
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)
  • Drug Abuse
  • Girl child education and empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Research/Gender


  • Environment
  • Advocacy
  • Farming
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Jobs and business


  • Leadership development systems
  • Human Right and good governance.
  • citizenship
  • Migration education
  • YOUPEDA is competent in project management and leads, a multi-stakeholder coordination, good in training and strategy design in all the above focal areas and sub- themes.
  • It has very good roots in the youth’s, women’s and men’s grassroots organizations and knows very well how to make things practical and invoke voluntary action for social change in the areas.
  • It has a track record on practical and strategic project and programs with United Nations and local projects leadership, coordination and management. It is well formalized and has a well-functioning governance structure.
  • It has good working relations with the police, military and other security and law enforcement agents. It has a track record in dealing with religious and community leaders, stakeholder sensitization, advocacy and mobilization for Countering violent Extremism.
  • YOUPEDA has membership in all the 36 states of the country on countering violence Extremism. It leads the consortium
  • At YOUPEDA, we are innovative, and thematically well versed in redirecting the social dynamics in interfaith conflict areas, society, health, girl child education crisis with coordinated fields’ and well equipped and knowledgeable support systems.